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"Traditional banks care about your past. We care about your future." 

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Andrew Chen

Finance Director

Austin Rowe JR.

Finance Manager

Every Approval mission is to help you find the vehicle you love with a payment that fits your budget. Whatever your situation is, good credit, bad credit, no credit, recent bankruptcy or if you have been denied for a loan in the past, we are ready to help you and get you driving TODAY.


We have teamed up with over 20 financial institutions that our team will scour until they find you the best possible deal with financing options that specifically meet your needs and budget.

We don't just want to help you get your next car, we want to help you pick the right car. With so many different kinds of vehicles and each with multiple trim levels to choose from its easy to get overwhelmed with your selection. Rest assured that Every Approval has the resources to assist you with selecting the right vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

Fill our a quick application today and let's get you the great vehicle you deserve!



"Super friendly staff that worked hard and diligently to make sure I got the best interest rate. Thank you Andrew!"

Aina Beltran

"I had a great experience here working with Andrew. Would recommend to anyone who thinks they won't get approved."

Robert Jacques

"Think your score won't make the cut? ANDREW CHEN will change that! He's honestly a honest car salesman and definitely got me what I wanted. He was the only one who kept his word while others couldn't get me approved!"

Anthony Gurriquez


Credit building Program

Did you know that the fastest way to repair your credit score is by getting an auto loan?

This unique program is what our Finance Director recommends because we were frustrated that many Canadians were being declined for credit or were paying unreasonably high interest rates on their loans with no given opportunity to improve their overall situation.

Our main goal is to help establish credit building that allows Canadians to establish a history of positive payments while maintaining affordable payment calls.

Save Money

Helps you build a savings account

which can be used towards further


Increase Approvals

With improved credit, you can qualify for future

loans, car loans, credit cards or mortgages.

Build Payment History

Increase Credit Score

Build a positive payment history with

each payment being reported to the

Credit Bureau.

Improve your credit score so you can

decrease interest rates on current or

future loans which can save you lots of 


Additional Services

Credit Consultation

Gain access to a wide range of financial

services including personal loans, car loans,

and other credit building options.

Free credit consultation with one of our 

financial specialists to help you further

understand how to improve your credit.


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Need a New Car?

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